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UPDATE: Announcing “GothCruise 17: Lost Souls.”  The Original GothCruise is sailing  down the scenic west coast of California to the beautiful Mexican Riviera ports of Cabo San Lucas and Ensenada. As an added bonus, we will have tons of opportunities for Pre-Cruise Adventures in LA, Hollywood and Anaheim, including theme parks and movie studio tours!

  • April 19, 2023 – Los Angeles, CA
  • April 20, 2023 – At Sea
  • April 21, 2023 – Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
  • April 22, 2023 – At Sea
  • April 23, 2023 – Ensenada, Mexico
  • April 24, 2023 – Los Angeles

Initial deposit is $110 per person. Click on the button below for details on how to book your passage on the Sixteenth (yes, sixteenth) Voyage of the Original GothCruise!

WAIT A MINUTE! What happened to GothCruise 16: Here There Be Dragons and GothCruise 17 going to Bermuda?? COVID-19 sucks and we have been pushing the cruises back in hopes of better conditions. We apologize for all the confusion, but we hope that the third reschedule will be the last time we have to push back.

DON’T GET LEFT BEHIND! Please get your deposits in as soon as you can to lock in the prices published on the booking page!

For Reservations: Call CruisesOnly
Brenda Gimbert
Phone number: 1.888.969.4768
Extension: 55245

Go to the Book Now page for complete information regarding itinerary, cruise fares and deposit amounts.

Welcome to the
Home of the
Original GothCruise

Since 2004, the Original GothCruise has been providing a fun group vacation for Goths, Non-Goths, Freaks, Geeks, their families, their friends, and everyone in-between! Join us on a cruise with your friends and your friends-to-be.

  • Sail into the Mexican Riviera!
  • Exclusive GothCruise Dance Parties with our own DJs!
  • Exciting and Fascinating Destinations!
  • Fun Onboard Events!
  • Gaming Nights!
  • Nice Boats!
  • Safe, Friendly and Welcoming Atmosphere!
  • Booking by the World’s #1 Professional Group Travel Agency!
  • More Exclamation Points!!!!!!!

The idea is simple: get a group of Goths, their friends, and like-minded people we haven’t met yet, put them all on a boat, add rum, hilarity ensues!

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Questions about COVID safety on cruise ships?
We strongly urge you to read all of the information regarding this subject (and any other safety or health concern you may have) on the Royal Caribbean website and the Cruises Only website before booking your cruise. You are personally responsible for reading and understanding any and all documents, policies, emails, attachments, and other information available to you from the entities from which will book your cruise, transportation, airfare, lodgings, etc. We are unable to manage this on your behalf. Should you have questions and/or concerns on a policy or document, please contact a Representative for the appropriate entity.



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