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Bob WestphalBob sets the course of all that is GothCruise. He works hard to make sure that this is your best vacation ever. Bob (aka TheOneBob) has been an integral part of GC since our very first voyage and has been at the helm since GothCruise 6. He is also one of the folks featured in “Goth Cruise the Movie.” He’s been on several Convergence committees, and headed up what some call the very best Convergence ever; Convergence 14-Ybor City.  Bob is also known as the host of the long-time dark music radio show called The Shape of Things to Come.

Xtine Santackas:  Though Xtine is the newest member of our merry band of dark avengers, she has been a part of the Goth scene in Boston for a very long time! You’ll find her hosting “HEROES”, a Manray event, or assisting at Xmortis or Bean Town’s “The Gothic Formal!” Xtine helps bring the news of GothCruise to the masses yearning to sail the high seas. She is second in command and coordinates the entertainment, group events, and the pre-cruise gatherings. Xtine has been with the GothCruise Brain Trust since GC14.

Peter Coffin: Since the earliest days of GothCruise, Peter has been a valuable source of cruise knowledge. He is a veteran of  Convergence, CorpGoth and has been on more GothCruises than most. If you have a question about a port, an excursion, a ship or an itinerary, he’ll be the guy who’s researched the answer. While he may not be a know-it-all, Peter is certainly a know-how-to-find-it-all.

You can get in touch with all of us at gothcruise@gothcruise.com


Ronald “Chappy” Chapman, Our Group Account Executive at CruisesOnly: Chappy has been working with us since GothCruise 7 and he’s a true professional. He “gets” us and what our group is all about. Chappy and CruisesOnly have stood behind our group on all occasions and helped us out of some tight situations, always with a positive, supportive, and professional attitude. Can you say the same about your cruise booking agent?

You can contact Chappy at CruisesOnly
888-969-4768 Option 1 Ext 77308
Monday -Friday 9am-6pm

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