What do GothCruisers say about the Original GothCruise?

Below are some unsolicited comments from our facebook group Original GothCruisers.

That was … Awesome! (For lack of better words). As I said last night, taking this cruise without you guys would have been great, but getting to hang with you all made it an amazing trip of a lifetime!Michael Vassel
Thank you to all the Original GothCruisers for welcoming us into your family… The new friends we met during the cruise, has made us eager to join everyone again. I hope to see you soon and to spend more time with you in the future.Ramsey Razik
I will add to the clamor and say this was probably the best GothCruise I’ve been on…meeting new folks, catching up with old friends, and the places we went–a fantastic combination!Christine Garrison
Thank you all, it was wonderful, not just to meet new friends, but be welcomed to the family, I can not think of a better way to have spent Ramsey’s birthday weekDanielle Johanson
It was really awesome getting to meet everyone! Thanks for puttin up with the new kid on the dock!Krista Walker
Thank yous to Bob and his minions who put the whole thing together and to all of the rest of you for making it so awesome.Fianna Jones
A blast, even for non-goths!Kay Shep
I’m ready, let’s do this again next week!Kristi Lockwood
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